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If you're looking ahead to your retirement years, you may want to consider an annuity as part of your overall strategy. Annuities were designed to help you save, grow and protect your retirement assets, as well as provide a stream of steady income payments that will last as long as you live. DK Insurance can help.
Types of Annuities vary. Index-Linked Annuities Variable Annuities Fixed Annuities Income Annuities and more.
A tax-deferred contract issued by an insurance company that can provide income for a specified time period, such as a number of years or for life. There are two types of annuities: deferred annuities. If you are buying an annuity to fund a qualified retirement plan or IRA, you should do so for the annuity's features and benefits other than tax deferral. In such cases, tax deferral is not an additional benefit of the annuity. DK Insurance can help find out.
An annuity is an investment vehicle sold primarily by insurance companies. Several types of annuities exist. Every annuity has two basic properties: whether the payout is immediate or deferred, and whether the returns are fixed (guaranteed) or variable. An annuity with immediate payout begins payments to the investor immediately after it is purchased, while deferred payout means that the investor will receive payments at some later date. An annuity with a fixed return offers a guaranteed return by investing in low-risk securities like government bonds, and is commonly known as a fixed annuity. An annuity with a variable return offers results that vary with the performance of the funds (called sub-accounts) where the money is invested, for example stocks. This article discusses fixed and variable annuities, and gives a list of sources for additional information about annuities. Please contact DK Insurance for help finding an annuitie that works.
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